Reasons to Join Northwest Rental Owners Association


  1. Informative meetings.  General meetings with programs are held eight times per year on the third Thursday at 7:00 pm. 
  2. Monthly Newsletter.  Our publication includes timely articles of general interest written by authorities in our industry. Meeting dates, locals and programs are included.
  3. Rental forms.  Available to you at no cost to help your business operate professionally, smoothly, and efficiently. We encourage you to obtain your forms at the next meeting.
  4. Credit checks.  Members of Northwest Rental Owners Association have access to immediate credit checks through several credit reporting agencies at minimal cost.  Members must verify cost per credit check.
  5. Commercial Members. Offering a selection of services and retail products, possibly at a reduced rate.
  6. Legal Representation. Knowledgeable attorneys available in each county, offering special rates to all members.
  7. Education Programs.  Monthly programs keep our member updated on the most recent changes in the law, both locally and nationally. Only through education can we increase the professionalism so needed in order to gain and keep the respect of the public at large regarding our industry. 
  8. Seminars.  Subjects regarding professional management of properties, financial analysis, investments, economics, financing and current laws are just a few of the topics to be addressed by professionals in the industry.
  9. Washington Apartment Association Representation. The NROAI is a member of the WAA, giving owners representation in Olympia to protect their rights at the state level.  A WAA legislative lobbyist works fulltime toward this goal.
  10. A United Voice. There is strength in unity in our industry. With a united voice, we are a respected entity at State, County, and City political levels.